Friday, March 9, 2012

It’s Sunday morning...

March 4, 2012 and as I lay here in bed hearing the birds chirp I anticipate the beginning of Spring.  I’m anticipating a lot right now like it is Christmas but I have to wait.  I have to remember that waiting is an action and many times it is for our own good.  Last week was so full; I don’t see that it will slow down for the next couple months either.  I had for the first time two Pampered Chef shows in one week, church on Wednesday, first Winchester Community Choir practice for Easter on Thursday, trained a new employee at work to take over the customer service aspect of my job so I can focus on other important tasks, and most importantly the first interview out of three for the home study.  A lot of “firsts” definitely!  Then on Friday my body decided to start my menstrual ONE WEEK EARLY.  So I’m taking birth control for the next five days to fake my body in starting late and when I stop it will start again and then take Estrace (a form of estrogen) until my examination at the end of the month.   This reminds me I need to make hotel reservations for our trip to Knoxville later this month.  An idol mind (and body) is the devil’s workshop I’ve been told.

I have to admit that I was nervous right before the home study mostly due to not going through one before.  Like going through an interrogation of my parenting and intent for this new life we are going to love and hold close to us.  The guys did very well with their answers and have I mentioned how proud of them I am?!  Next week is the second of three interviews and this time our physical home will be on display.  We have a small house so it won’t be a very long meeting.  Bring it on!

Devin is spending much more time with this group of guy friends this year.  I remember being in high school and wanting my own THING separate from my parents.  No one ever told me it would feel like this though.  Although not as painful as my divorce and maybe compared to my mourning of my mother’s disease of dementia it is like a grieving but somehow I need to embrace it.  God is my strong tower and will help me this I know.  Through ALL things I will learn to praise Him who has never left me.  I knew that 2012 is going to be a good one…no…a GREAT year!

Love, Mom

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