Friday, May 18, 2012

Matching Process

Going to have to make this quick because I'm at work on my lunch break but wanted to update everyone what is going on with Baby Brown.  We received six matches from NEDC a couple weeks ago and this week after much praying...reviewing...and then coming together we picked the couple (we both picked the same couple in fact).  Now we are waiting to see if they accept us based on our profile. 

This process took us longer than we thought.  Lots of factors and possibilities.  Not something we wanted to take lightly.  Holding you in my arms is becoming more of a reality now.

Guess after the couple accepts we have to go through the legal aspect and complete the agreement, both go through counseling, and start mapping out the medications.  It's encouraging to see other family blogs that have and are going through the same thing Rob and I are experiencing.  I learned an interesting fact that 25% of families choose embryo adoptions.  Still wonder why don't more families choose this option. 

Lastly, we received another donation from a family member who must love you soooo much!  Just a couple thousand more and we should have the bulk of the funds to make this a success.

Love, Mom


  1. The matching process is such a special place in the process. Our matching happened so fast - we were matched in less than a day. Our preferences limited us to two available profiles. Almost instantly we were drawn to one. We picked them and they confirmed us within a matter of hours. It was a little surreal after reading so many matching stories that lasted days or weeks.

  2. I'm so excited fo you all. It won't be long now!

  3. Hi Stephanie - I found your blog thru Krisa's blog. I wanted to let you know that I will be excitedly following your blog and praying for your embryo adoption journey. My husband and I have 11 month old boy/girl twins that we adopted anonymously thru the NEDC, so our matching process was somewhat different than yours - but the medications, shots and sonograms will be all be the same so feel free to ask me any questions! :)