Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Confirmations from God

It’s been a few weeks since our visit with Dr. Keenan in Knoxville.  The drive was nice and took us about 8 hours from home.  We are staying at a hotel in West Knoxville near the clinic.  Once we checked into the Holiday Inn your Dad and I worked out and had a late dinner.  After breakfast the next day, I had to drink 48 ounces of water for the procedure which made Mom very uncomfortable but worth finding out that I can carry you in my tummy.  Yes, that is right I passed the exam and will soon be pregnant at the age of 42.  Your grandmother was born when her mother was 42 and I’ve read lots of women are still having babies in their forties and fifties.  Kinda wild isn’t it!?  By the end of the appointment our heads were swimming with information as we hit the road and headed back home and to work the next day.  

Easter has past and all the paperwork has been turned in to the agencies.  Now we will be matched with your biological parents.  I hope all this will make sense to you one day and you will know how much you are loved.  In fact you have one set of grandparents who are planning on creating a second home here in Winchester just so they can spend more time with you and Devin.

I’ve discovered that God doesn’t always show us His plan.  He shows us just a portion and that is where faith steps in and takes over.  Rob and I wanted to share our life with a child and was our prayer and by certain things coming true we got closer to realizing that our desire was God’s desire.  Let me tell you how it transpired.  Your father and I have wanted children for many years and we almost gave up or at least I did until one day.  I was asked to hold a Pampered Chef party and was encouraged by my consultant, Kym Meeks’ story of why she stared her business.  I love to cook and spend time with people so I listened intently as she conducted the show.  After wards my mind entertained the idea of being a consultant and as we wrapped the show Rob came in from work they both mentioned I would be a good consultant and should consider starting my own business.  I prayed that night and in my God time the next morning I read in Ecclesiastes 9:10 where it says basically everything you do with your hands do it with all your might.  I decided to give it a try and all the money I make will go toward the funding of the adoption.  If God really wanted us to have children then this business will be a success.  So I signed the paperwork on Oct 31, 2011.  Just before my Grand Opening on November 7th I sent a letter out to everyone I knew about this new adventure I was embarking in.  It was Thursday the week before the show and I got a call from Ms. Lavone from church she said there was a donation by a couple who wanted to bless us with some funds for the adoption.  I asked how much since I needed to know what agency to appropriate the money.  She told me $7,500.00 which is half of what we need to adopt you!!  I was floored that God moved on their heart to give.  God is soooo good and I hope you will know how much He loves you as you grow in your faith.  Dr. Keenan confirming that I am able to carry you was our second confirmation and this is going to be a blessing God wanted us to experience. 

Now it is time for the matching process to being!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful blessing. I hadn't heard about how God made that provision for you. I'm so excited to see what He has in store for you and Rob.

  2. So glad you trail transfer went well. I really found that the time waiting between the trail transfer and th FET to be a huge time of spiritual growth. God revealed so much to me during that time. Welcome to the blogging world - I'm here from Krisa's blog.